Introducing ‘Red State Blue State’ – A Weekly Chat


On this West Virginia Morning, we hear perspectives about increasingly politicized Supreme Court nominations from a red state and a blue state.

From coast to coast, it’s all eyes on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination. “Red State, Blue State” is a weekly chat between Trump Country and the Blue Bubble, brought to you by KCRW and West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

Now, there was a time when the Supreme Court existed apart from the partisanship that’s infected other government institutions. But President Trump’s choice of Kavanaugh and the sexual assault accusations against the Judge have sent Americans on the Left and the Right running to their corners.

And Trump, well, he’s tapping into that.

“Red State Blue State” is a collaboration between West Virginia Public Broadcasting and KCRW in Santa Monica, CA. This is the second installment of many conversations that West Virginia Public Broadcasting will present each week between now and the midterm elections.

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Kathy Mattea returns to Mountain Stage with one of her favorite songs, our Song of the Week – “Ode to Billy Joe.” To hear this and more, tune in Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 p.m. right here on West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

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