Hundreds Gather in Support of Charleston's Muslim Community in Wake of New Zealand Shooting


On this West Virginia Morning, about 300 people gathered inside the Islamic Association of West Virginia last night to hold a vigil in memory of the 50 people who were killed in New Zealand last Friday. Religious leaders from several different faiths were among those who spoke inside the South Charleston Mosque, as Roxy Todd reports.

Also on today’s show, in movies, the people and places of Appalachia are often made into an “other”. That makes it easy to both romanticize and look down upon the region. Think of the universal jokes about the film “Deliverance”, for example. In Meredith McCarroll’s book UnWhite: Appalachia, Race and Film, she examines the way the people of Appalachia are portrayed using stereotypes. Eric Douglas speaks with her to find out more.

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