Heritage Hunting Season Keeps Sportsman Connected To Appalachian Traditions


On this West Virginia Morning, West Virginia’s Mountaineer heritage hunting season begins this week, two weeks after most hunting seasons have closed. It’s the second year since its conception. And, most notably, it’s limited to primitive weapons — like recurve bows and flintlock muzzleloader rifles. 

It’s meant to memorialize the state’s settlers, using similar hunting techniques and weapons. 

Our folklife reporter, Caitlin Tan, spent time with hunters who still make the vintage rifles.

Also on today’s show, Fayetteville’s Andrew Adkins is renowned for his honest and heartfelt songwriting. Mountain Stage band leader Ron Sowell produced Adkins’s fourth solo album, “Who I Am“.

Adkins brought a band of West Virginia music luminaries with him to perform this ballad, Fragile Heart, from that album. It’s our Mountain Stage Song of the Week.

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