Chris Schulz Published

Four Counties To Implement Facial Recognition For School Safety

A white security camera on the Mount Vernon river walk is contrasted against the blue sky.
Four counties are implementing facial recognition software as part of their school security protocols.
Cody Logan / Wikimedia Commons

Four counties are integrating facial recognition software into their school security systems. 

As part of Gov. Jim Justice’s School Safety Initiative, Marion, Taylor, Doddridge and Putnam Counties have installed, or are in the process of installing, facial recognition software from Rank One Computing.

Jonah Adkins is the director of preK-12 academic support for the Department of Education. He said at Wednesday’s state Board of Education meeting that the software is backward compatible with existing cameras and allows counties to create their own databases of individuals. 

“It provides schools with an additional layer of security. They can enter the faces of their staff and students and well-known visitors,” Adkins said. “It sends administrators alerts if an unwanted person were to approach the door or anywhere on campus.”

In response to a question from a board member, Adkins clarified that all facial data is stored locally on school servers.