Exploring Sen. Joe Manchin’s Support of Brett Kavanaugh


On this West Virginia Morning, we’ll hear about the growing culture around Appalachian food, and we’ll explore the latest happenings in politics with another installment of “Red State Blue State.”

Last week, when U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin voted to confirm President Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court, he crossed party lines in a very public way. Now, this might not have surprised many West Virginia voters, but people in other states across the country were asking: “Why is he even a Democrat?”

That’s the question Us & Them podcast host Trey Kay is trying to explain to his California co-host Chery Glaser in this next installment of our series, “Red State Blue State” – a weekly collaboration between West Virginia Public Broadcasting and KCRW in Los Angeles, California.

On this weekend’s episode of Inside Appalachia, we’ll hear about what happens when local foods go mainstream.

The Appalachian Food Summit began as an online conversation between Appalachian chefs, scholars and farmers who have a stake in the region’s food culture. It grew into annual, in-person gatherings of Appalachian “foodies,” if you will.

This year was the group’s fourth summit, and the first time they’ve met in West Virginia. Special thanks to Ashton Marra, managing editor of 100 Days in Appalachia, for gathering these recordings.

This week’s episode of Mountain Stage with Larry Groce was recorded at the Peoples Bank Theatre in Marietta, Ohio. This episode features a broad array of musical styles, drawing from pop, rock, soul and folk. Our Song of the Week comes from Ohio-born, Richmond, Virginia native Natalie Prass, who performed songs from her sophomore album The Future And The Past.

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