Education, Health, Solar And Zombie Cicadas All On This West Virginia Morning


On this West Virginia Morning, spring is just around the corner and this year researchers at West Virginia University are on the lookout for this year’s cicada brood, expected to be among the largest. But more importantly, these cicadas have a fungus that affects their behavior. Also, in this show, we have a story exploring solar expansion, and we have the latest in state education and health news.

Kids are going back to school. The West Virginia Board of Education voted Tuesday to mandate elementary and middle school students return to five days of in-person instruction. Duncan Slade has more.

A bill that would expand on West Virginia’s current charter school law has now seen some changes since it left the House of Delegates. As Liz McCormick reports, the Senate Education Committee considered the measure in a lengthy Tuesday evening meeting.

The West Virginia Legislature is considering two bills that would curb the authority of local public health officials. As June Leffler reports, SB 12 passed the upper chamber Tuesday.

President Joe Biden is laying out a clear vision for clean energy. Last month, he signed a series of executive orders directing federal agencies to buy carbon-free technology and eliminate fossil fuel subsidies. Solar energy is among the clean alternatives likely to expand. But growing solar can also bring change and some tough choices about land use and landscapes. As Liam Niemeyer reports, one Kentucky farm community is wondering what its future could hold as the solar industry knocks on its door.

Parts of the Eastern Panhandle are expected to see an unusually large emergence of cicadas this summer. Not only that, but a peculiar fungus is also changing how the bugs look and act. Duncan Slade reports.

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