Curtis Tate Published

CSX To Convert Diesel Locomotives To Hydrogen At Huntington Shop

A blue and white CSX locomotive is painted to honor law enforcement. It sits prominently with other locomotives in the background.
The CSX locomotive shop in Huntington will convert diesel engines to hydrogen.

Railroads CSX and Canadian Pacific Kansas City have said they’ll work together to develop hydrogen conversion kits for their existing diesel locomotive fleets.

The initial conversion work in the partnership will be performed at the CSX locomotive shop in Huntington.

““This exciting initiative will greatly benefit from the expertise of CSX’s advanced, large-scale facilities, where the locomotives will be built,” said Joe Hinrichs, CSX president and CEO.

Canadian Pacific has already converted one locomotive, which has undergone 1,000 miles of testing.

Hydrogen produces zero carbon dioxide emissions when burned. However, the production of hydrogen can have a carbon impact if it is made from fossil fuels.

Like many companies, CSX has committed to reduce its carbon emissions. It set a goal of a 37 percent reduction from 2014 to 2030.