Community Development Hub Working to Move W.Va. Forward


Dozens of community leaders from across the state are converging in Summersville today for Hubapalooza- the annual conference sponsored by the West Virginia Community Development Hub. 

The event’s main goal is to network and share ideas and this year organizers and participants will focus on moving not just West Virginia, but Appalachia forward. Kent Spellman, the Hub’s executive director, discusses the day-long event. 

West Virginia’s Department of Environmental Protection submitted a feasibility study to West Virginia lawmakers last week. Energy and environment reporter Glynis Board reports the study was required by state law and focused on the state’s ability to meet proposed federal carbon emission regulations. 

Senators Joe Manchin and Shelley Moore Capito introduced Jessie’s Law Wednesday, a bill aimed at taking on the nation’s substance abuse epidemic and inspired by a West Virginian.