Curtis Tate Published

Appalachian Power, For 2nd Time, Seeks Cost Recovery In Virginia


Appalachian Power has gone back to regulators in Virginia to request approval of upgrades to two power plants in West Virginia.

Appalachian Power has about 500,000 customers in Virginia who receive power from the Mountaineer and John Amos power plants.

Last year, the State Corporation Commission rejected wastewater treatment upgrades for the two plants that are needed to keep them operating past 2028.

The company has asked again for Virginia ratepayers to share the cost of the upgrades with West Virginia. The West Virginia Public Service Commission gave Appalachian Power the go-ahead last year to proceed with the work.

But Virginia has the Clean Economy Act, which requires a transition from fossil fuels to renewables. Though the state’s voters elected a new governor, attorney general and House of Delegates last year, the law is not likely to be repealed.

If the commission denies the request again, Appalachian Power’s West Virginia customers will be paying for the upgrades all on their own.