An Election Recap And Exploring The Pits And Peaks Of The Pandemic In W.Va.


On this West Virginia Morning, we recap and bring you the latest news on election results in West Virginia. Also, in this show, we hear from school personnel and economists about the pits and peaks of working through the coronavirus pandemic.

Senior reporter Dave Mistich joins Chuck Anziulewicz in our studio in Charleston to recap the general election results in West Virginia.

The coronavirus pandemic forced teachers all over West Virginia to think outside the box in how they prepared for school this fall, but the pandemic has also made things challenging for school counselors. As Liz McCormick reports, counselors have had to tweak how they reach students, and it’s never been clearer how important mental health is.

Aside from the human costs of the coronavirus pandemic, there have been incredible economic costs. Recent figures about the growth of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product indicate signs of a recovery, but many economists predict that it will take a while to know exactly how long that recovery will take. Avinandan Mukherjee is the Dean of the Lewis College of Business at Marshall University and a professor of marketing. He spoke with Eric Douglas recently about opportunities he sees for West Virginia during this time of economic uncertainty.

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