1,800-plus Hepatits A Cases Confirmed in Ohio Valley Region


An outbreak of hepatitis A that started in California is now barreling through seven states, and the Ohio Valley has the nation’s highest rate of infections. More than 1,800 cases have been confirmed in Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia, and health officials say the number of undiagnosed infections is far higher. 
Mary Meehan reports on the response from the food industry and some of those working with populations at highest risk of hepatitis A infection.

Also on today’s show, more than 40 West Virginians traveled to Staunton, Virginia, last week to hold a protest at a juvenile detention center. The center housed migrant children who filed child abuse reports against the facility. The protest was organized by the West Virginia Interfaith Refugee Ministry, a group of religious leaders and activists from the Kanawha Valley. Roxy Todd sat down with two of the organizers of the protest to hear about the trip and why they felt the need to organize it in the first place.

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