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Producer/Host Jessica Lilly and producer Roxy Todd have pulled together a lot of voices on the subject of outsiders photographing Appalachians so we can get a better understanding of the question of who gets to tell our stories as Appalachians, why we are asking that question to begin with and hearing from folks who suggest it's not necessary to ask the question at all.

  On West Virginia Morning, signing up for Americorps is very popular among citizens here.  Today, we meet a member who helps veterans find housing, education and employment.  The story on West Virginia Morning from West Virginia Public Radio news – telling West Virginia’s story. 

In an age of globalization and a shrinking manufacturing sector, two young men in Wheeling are hedging their bets and running with a business idea that first took off in 1854.  

And as we prepare for a special week long series on heroin addiction in West Virginia, Digital Editor Dave Mistich discusses the digital components that supplement the series "The Needle and the Damage Done: West Virginia's Heroin Epidemic."

The Governor's Blue Ribbon Commission on Highways released their final report this week, finding West Virginia needs an additional $1 billion annually to both maintain and expand the state's highway system.

The commission recommends keeping the tolls on the West Virginia Turnpike in order to leverage the road for a $1 billion road bond. The bond would be one time funds. Commissioners also recommend increases in some vehicle fees and taxes to create $141 million in new revenue.

A national report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities says West Virginia is one of just three states that has consecutively cut higher education funding in the past two years. The report focused on the cuts state lawmakers approved for colleges and universities across the country after the 2008 economic downturn.

Members of the Joint Committee on Tax Reform continued their work at the Capitol this week reviewing the state's current tax code and looking for ways to improve it. The Monday session brought national policy and tax experts to Charleston to review what other states have done in the areas of reform.

On this episode of West Virginia Morning, we preview the latest episode of 'Us & Them,' a newly released podcast from West Virginia Public Broadcasting. The episode focuses on the conflicts between panhandlers and the cities in which they live. Trey Kay discusses the research he did into the topic.

Also, the 30 Mile Meal program is working to connect farmers in the tri-state area with chefs in the Huntington to promote the farm to table movement. And so far, it's having success.

And the Drive-By Truckers are featured on the Mountain Stage Song of the week. 

On West Virginia Morning, Glynis Board reports geological researchers are split on whether fracking causes radon in homes near drilling sites. The story on West Virginia Morning from West Virginia Public Broadcasting – telling West Virginia’s story.

On this West Virginia Morning have the latest on several controversial bills that Governor Tomblin has signed into law as well as an update on Senate Bill 347 that allows citizens to carry a concealed weapon without a permit.

On this West Virginia Morning, We bring you the latest developments from the House as well as an update on the rollback of regulations for above-ground storage tanks that were a result of the chemical spill last year.

On this West Virginia Morning, we’ll bring you the latest developments in the Senate and the House, including a public hearing that was held yesterday on Charter Schools

On this West Virginia Morning, we’ll bring you up to date on major changes to the conversation over common core education standards in the senate, and we’ll have the latest on house bill that aims to amend the concealed carry law in the house

On this West Virginia Morning, We’ll bring you information on a large pro-union rally that took place over the weekend at the capital, and Catherine Moore brings us the story of a community organization from Clay County that is fighting for a better future.

On this West Virginia Morning, we bring you the latest on developments in the House and a public hearing that took place yesterday about Senate Bill 347, the West Virginia Firearms Act of 2015, which would allow adults to carry a concealed firearm without a permit.

On this West Virginia Morning, we bring you the latest from the House and the Senate including a move by Delegates to overturn Governor Tomblin's veto of the 22-week abortion ban.

On this West Virginia Morning, we bring you the latest on a discussion in WV about loopholes and possible changes to laws regarding sexual assaults in schools, a team at Marshall work on including black history elements in a mobile phone app, and we bring you our Mountain Stage Song of the Week.

It was a rather important day for the prevailing wage issue yesterday as Democratic leaders tried to prevent the scaling back of wages for construction workers. On this West Virginia Morning, we bring you the latest on this and other stories.

Some heated debate took place in the House Judiciary Committee yesterday as a proposal about transporting mining equipment was discussed. The idea caused concern for some as it does appear to relax some safety rules.

On this West Virginia Morning, we bring you that latest developments in the fracking Debate with both sides speaking out over New York’s decision to ban the horizontal drilling industry.

On this West Virginia Morning, We take a close look at homeschooling which appears to be increasing in the US and bring you the latest information from the train derailment that took place in Fayette County.