West Virginia Morning

West Virginia Morning
8:25 am
Tue July 22, 2014

How City Government Works, Energy Forum & Chinese Medicinal Herbs in Va.

A  series of seminars titled "Fairmont 101" provides citizens there with lessons about the inner workings of running a city.  And the first of a two part series about Chinese Medicinal herbs now used and regulated in Virginia.


Beth Vorhees hosts West Virginia Morning Tuesday, July 22, 2014.

West Virginia Morning
8:01 am
Mon July 21, 2014

Concerns About Road Construction, Beckley Annexation, Teaching Teachers, Charleston's Barbeque

Beckley could become the third largest city in the state if plans to annex some communities go through. State roads are in poor condition and contractors who work on these roads worry about the federal funding shortfall.  And Adrian Wright began his barbeque business in Charleston on a street corner.  Now he owns his own restaurant.

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West Virginia Morning
8:20 am
Fri July 18, 2014

Restoring Rural Coca-Cola Murals, Learning to Ride a Bike and The Pines Peform

Jessica Lilly reports how the Coca Cola company is restoring old murals in southern towns and why. Children with disabilities will wrap up a week-long day camp in Huntington, aimed at teaching them how to ride bicycles and The Pines perform the Mountain Stage Song of the Week.

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West Virginia Morning
8:13 am
Thu July 17, 2014

Preliminary Findings About January Chemical Spill, PA Water Quality, Turning Around Matewan

Ashton Marra reports on the preliminary findings from federal investigators about the January chemical spill that contaminated drinking water in nine counties.  In Pennsylvania, residents in one town believe gas drilling is contaminating their drinking water.  Clark Davis reports from Matewan as residents work to turn their town around and you'll want to try yoga after young Ian Gardner in Hinton tells you all about it.


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West Virginia Morning
7:58 am
Wed July 16, 2014

The 2014 Ginseng Summit, Tourism Focused on Local Farms and Food & Appalachian Echoes

Beth Vorhees hosts West Virginia Morning Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Glynis Board reports from the 2014 Ginseng Summit  and food tourism continues to grow in Appalachia with a new culinary map that shows where to find the best. Also, our friends at Traveling 219 bring us a story on an old time music workshop in Marlinton, West Virginia. 

West Virginia Morning
8:21 am
Tue July 15, 2014

Dueling Campaign Rallies, Transportation Issues, Photo Project

On West Virginia Morning, a report about dueling political rallies as two major out of state politicians stump for their party's candidates for United States Senate.  Ashton Marra reports on that and transportation funding issues. And a check in with Roger May about his photography project "Looking at Appalachia." 

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West Virginia Morning
8:01 am
Mon July 14, 2014

Mountain Top Removal Mining Near Kanawha State Forest, Climate Change on Brook Trout & More

On West Virginia Morning, Ashton Marra reports from the Kanawha State Forest where some residents are concerned about a mountain top removal mine site close by.  A West Virginia scientistsis experimenting how an Appalachian fish will adapt to climate change and we’ll visit with 81 year old Tom Toliver who has been creating community gardens on Charleston’s west side.

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West Virginia Morning
9:49 am
Fri July 11, 2014

Retailers Ban Pseudoephedrine, New Cancer Research, Shepherdstown Theater Festival & Bottle Rockets

Ashton Marra speaks with Senator Greg Tucker--who backed a bill to restrict sales of pseudoephedrine--about major retail pharmacies announcing plans to stop selling the drugs. Marshall University professor Vincent Sollars recently received a nearly $500,000 grant from the National Cancer Institute for his unique cancer research involving canalization. The 24th season of the Contemporary American Theater Festival at Shepherd University  features plays exploring the topics of our day. Also, The Bottle Rockets perform "Big Lots of Love" on this Mountain Stage song of the week.

West Virginia Morning
9:56 am
Thu July 10, 2014

Preston County Schools Regain Control, Revitalizing a Princeton Theatre & A Museum for John Henry

The West Virginia Board of Education voted Wednesday to return control to Preston County Schools but, the return of control comes with some conditions. A non-profit organization in Princeton is working to improve the community by renovating a theatre.  The legend of the steel-driving man John Henry will soon have a home at a museum in the folklore hero's hometown of Talcott.

West Virginia Morning
11:30 am
Wed July 9, 2014

Meeting Dr. Martirano, Fasting for Climate Change, Mountaintop Mining's Effect on Fish & More

 West Virginia got a glimpse of its newly appointed superintendent of schools yesterday when Dr. Michael Martirano was introduced to a crowd of state employees and members of the media. 85-year-old veteran, Roland Micklem, says he’s organized the fast as a way to express his sadness over the deteriorating natural environment that he has witnessed in Appalachia. A newly released study shows that mountaintop removal mining affects fish populations downstream from the mining site. Also, Marshall University will open a new visual arts center in the fall in downtown Huntington. 

West Virginia Morning
9:01 am
Tue July 8, 2014

WVOASIS Integrates State Business Procedures & The Appalachian Project Seeks Stories

Tuesday marks a major change in the way state government does business but, unless you're a state employee that handles business procedures, it’s a change you likely won’t even notice. Two friends--one  in Johnson City, Tennessee and the other in Dickinson County, Virginia--are hoping to make a documentary showing a truer side of the Appalachian Region.

West Virginia Morning
8:12 am
Mon July 7, 2014

Testimony Entered in PSC Investigation, W.Va. Working to Limit Exotic Pets, and Humans of Fairmont

West Virginia American Water entered written testimony last week in the Public Service Commission's investigation into the January chemical leak in Charleston. The PSC wanted more information about how the company responded to the crisis, including justification for not shutting of their source water intake.

State officials are working on a list of animals they feel are too dangerous to own as pets and a North Central West Virginia man's Facebook project is picking up steam as he tries to introduce you to the 'Humans of Fairmont.'

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West Virginia Morning
8:16 am
Thu July 3, 2014

The Tradition of The Old Guard, History's Tale of J.R. Clifford and The Black Lillies Perform

A Princeton native is continuing the more than 250 year old tradition of The Old Guard, a military group tasked with formal duties like playing taps at the Arlington Cemetery and firing traditional gun salutes. Parsons remembers J. R. Clifford, a prominent black attorney in the 1800s who stood up for the rights of African American teachers, and The Black Lillies perform "Gold and Roses" on the Mountain Stage Song of the Week.

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West Virginia Morning
8:29 am
Tue July 1, 2014

A Marshall Football Player Tries the Pros Up North and Promoting Clean Watersheds

Appalachian Power and Wheeling Power are asking the state Public Service Commission to approve a 17 percent rate hike for their West Virginia customers. Gov. Tomblin appoints a new head to the state School Building authority. A Marshall University player uses his failure to be drafted in the National Football League as motivation to make it in the pros in Canada and a southern West Virginia educators is teaching her students about the important connection between clean watersheds and clean drinking water.

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West Virginia Morning
8:25 am
Mon June 30, 2014

Elkins Teen Band Mixes Old with New and Excerpts from 'Out of Peel Tree,' a W.Va. Author's Debut

Teen band The Elm Street Alleycats of Elkins lost their mentor and bass player Gene Boyer last May, but since, have been working to make the old tunes he taught them better while learning newer, contemporary music of their own.

Also, West Virginia born author Laura Long shares an excerpt from her debut novel "Out of Peel Tree," a collection of stories of family, hope and love set in Appalachia.

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West Virginia Morning
9:26 am
Fri June 27, 2014

More on the History of Wheeling's Name, High School Students Learn Conservation & Jason Isbell

We  hear what author Alan Fitzpatrick was able to uncover in his search in the mystery of how Wheeling got its name. The Student Climate and Conservation Conference asks the question: How are we as global citizens going to bring back and contribute to our schools and communities? Also, Jason Isbell performs "Traveling Alone" on this Mountain Stage song of the week.

West Virginia Morning
8:44 am
Thu June 26, 2014

Wheeling's Dark History (and Name), Arts and Bots, & A Scavenger Hunt for Charleston Culture

In Wheeling writer Alan Fitzpatrick's new book, A Place of Skulls, he says the city has a dark history. Kids from the surrounding areas were in Huntington this week taking part in Arts and Bots: Exploring Robotics and the Arts. Also, the sharpest eighth graders in social studies and arts from various counties participate in a scavenger hunt in downtown Charleston.

West Virginia Morning
8:40 am
Wed June 25, 2014

State BOE Picks Interim Superintendent, Infusing Technology, Morgantown's Industrial Traffic & More

West Virginia Board of Education members unanimously approved a new schools chief who will take the post starting next week. A three-day conference hosted by the West Virginia Center for Professional Development aims to encourage educators to learn how to effectively teach in a digital age. There’s a growing number of people in Morgantown that want the city to do something about the industrial truck traffic moving through downtown.

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West Virginia Morning
8:49 am
Tue June 24, 2014

Studying Morgantown's Air Pollution, The Future of Higher Ed & An Experiment with W.Va. Hops

For the first time, an inventory of how much greenhouse gas is entering the air in Morgantown has been compiled. Recently, the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission approved tuition increases for several colleges and universities but they come at a time when enrollment is down.  As the craft beer industry has taken off, West Virginia State University- through a grant with the state agriculture department- is studying whether local farmers can benefit from the burgeoning beer industry by growing hops for the brewers to use.

West Virginia Morning
9:33 am
Mon June 23, 2014

Education Association Meets, Boys State Ponders What's Next, West Virginia? & Tandanus Tropicanus

West Virginia Education Association President Dale Lee will be one of the educators at a national meeting discussing education issues such as Common Core State Standards, and standardized testing. This year, Boys State focused on the nonpartisan, statewide initiative, What’s Next,West Virginia?  The young men at Boys State had a great deal to add to a conversation on positive change in West Virginia during a 45 minute discussion in Charleston. A West Virginia University researcher has made an important new discovery on the other side of the world.