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A Kanawha County task force is again recommending that West Virginia legislators pass a law requiring people to get a prescription for a cold medicine that's used to make methamphetamine.

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Two major retailers in West Virginia announced this week they would no longer be selling some over the counter cold medications in their stores. CVS Pharmacies stopped selling single-ingredient pseudoephedrine medicines in late June and Walgreens intends to follow suit.

Senator Greg Tucker of Nicholas County sponsored legislation this year intended to curb the meth problem by making psuedoephedrine—meth’s main ingredient—available only by a doctor’s prescription. The bill, however, died in the final hours of the session.

McDowell County Sheriff's Office says a 31-year-old bicyclist has been charged with operating a meth lab that deputies say was contained in his backpack.

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Buckhannon officials are considering an ordinance dealing with the cleanup of properties where methamphetamine is used or manufactured.

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The governor has signed off on changes made to the West Virginia crime victim compensation awards.
Changes signed into law Monday no longer allow for property owners to seek compensation for meth lab cleanup. In the past, up to $10,000 in compensation was granted per site.
The bill increases victim relocation reimbursements from $2,000 to $2,500.

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On this West Virginia Morning we revisit an Inspiring West Virginian segment that profiles two of the world’s leading paleoclimatologists; that, legislators debate everything from deer farming to golf courses, and Cabell County School Board officials hope their new school is the next step in education.

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A proposed amendment to the Crime Victim’s Compensation Fund divided the Senate Tuesday, but not necessarily on party lines.

The fund is used to reimburse innocent victims of crime who have suffered personal injury and who have incurred out-of-pocket losses as a result of a criminal act.

Currently, the state is compensating property owners from the fund who have to clean up illegal meth labs after renting or leasing their space.

Republican Senator Mitch Carmichael said the account is suffering because of the lab clean up costs.

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Senators put the highly anticipated prescription only pseudoephedrine bill to a vote Tuesday, but only after receiving a last minute amendment on the floor.

Senate Judiciary Chair Corey Palumbo moved to amend the bill to address someone buying cold medicine in another state and bringing it back to West Virginia.

The amendment allows a court hearing before being tried on a drug charge when a person without a prior drug conviction is caught with less than 3.6 grams, or the federal daily limit.

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Senators unanimously passed a bill requiring a prescription for pseudoephedrine through committee and will soon vote as a whole on a bill reforming state purchasing procedures. Both issues were studies during the previous interim session.

Senator Greg Tucker sponsored the prescription only bill which makes pseudoephedrine a controlled substance, requiring a prescription for its purchase. The bill made it through Senate Judiciary after three hours of debate.

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Methamphetamine lab seizures jumped 85 percent in West Virginia in 2013.
     A West Virginia State Police report says authorities seized 533 meth labs, compared to 288 in 2012.
     The report says police found meth labs in 45 of West Virginia's 55 counties. Kanawha County led the state with 159 meth lab seizures, followed by 36 in Wood County and 28 in Putnam County.

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West Virginia lawmakers are taking another look at the state's reimbursements to property owners for cleaning up methamphetamine labs.
     Under a 2007 law, the reimbursements are made through the Crime Victims Compensation Fund.

WV State Troopers, WV State Police
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  West Virginia State Police say they've arrested dozens of people in southern West Virginia on charges of manufacturing methamphetamine during targeted efforts in the past month.

Since October 26 state troopers in Webster, Pendleton, Randolph, and Braxton counties found 2 meth labs, arrested 14 people and seized a little over $1000.

This resulted in 28 felonies and 2 misdemeanor charges.