Justice Reinvestment Act

Office of the Governor

During the five years I have served as your governor, I have made it a priority to develop a skilled workforce, reduce our state's prison and regional jail inmate population, rehabilitate those offenders when possible, and fight the battle against substance abuse. I know there is more work to be done, and I'm pleased that additional attention is being paid to these critical issues. But I also am proud of what we have already accomplished.

Gov. Tomblin
Office of the Governor

Governor Earl Ray Tomblin says a quarter of a million dollars in state grants have been awarded to programs across the state to expand access to substance abuse treatment.

Ashton Marra / West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Offenders looking for treatment and rehabilitation within their communities now have a new home in a Charleston facility that celebrated its opening today. 

Dozens of Division of Corrections employees joined with state and local officials to celebrate the opening of the Charleston Correctional Center on the city’s East End Thursday.

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Members of the Senate Finance Committee took up a bill Thursday they see every year, a bill to settle some of the state’s small claims law suit debts. This year lawmakers found out they owe substantially less than previous years, though, because of a reform bill passed two years ago.

House Bill 2876 is short titled the Court of Claims bill. The court hears citizen claims of damages against the state and awards compensations in verdicts to pay for anything from pothole damages to wrongful death suits.

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The Senate Finance Committee continued budget hearings Thursday with state Division of Corrections. Since the passage of the governor’s Justice Reinvestment Act in 2013, the Commissioner of Corrections told lawmakers overcrowding is becoming less and less of an issue, but the division is still asking for a budget increase.

Commissioner Jim Rubenstein presented the governor’s proposed budget for his division for the upcoming fiscal year. In it, the governor is suggesting a budget increase of about $1.8 million from general revenue funds.

Prison Bars
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State officials have decided against housing some inmates outside the state.

In 2013, West Virginia had asked national companies to bid on sending West Virginia inmates to their out-of-state facilities in the hopes of curbing the state over crowding problem. The proposal envisioned the short-term transfer of up to 400 inmates who agreed to the move to receive educational and rehabilitative programs.

West Virginia Morning
West Virginia Public Broadcasting / West Virginia Public Broadcasting

It’s only been a little over a year since Governor Tomblin signed the Justice Reinvestment Act into law, but the state is already seeing tremendous decreases in the number of people in prison. College students from all over the region visited Marshall this week to find out if the field of medicine was meant for them.  At this year's FestivALL, Charleston’s Contemporary Youth Arts Company their own adaptation of the classic 1958 film The Blob in the form of a musical.  Also, Rodney Crowell performs "Moving Work of Art" in this Mountain Stage Song of the Week.

Council of State Governments

It’s only been a little over a year since Governor Tomblin signed the Justice Reinvestment Act into law, but the state is already seeing results in the amount of people being held in state jails and prisons.