House Finance Chair Eric Nelson

Perry Bennet / West Virginia Legislative Photography

Yet another plan to restructure taxes in West Virginia has been taken up by members of the House of Delegates.

The House Finance Committee was presented with their version of a Senate Bill 484 during a Saturday afternoon meeting.

On The Legislature Today, lawmaker have reacted the halfway point of this legislative session and Gov. Jim Justice is pressuring Republican leaders to release their spending plan. 

After some harsh words from the governor during a press conference Friday aimed at the caucus, House Finance Chair Eric Nelson and Senate Finance Chair Mike Hall pushback, defending the legislative process they say is defined in the state's Constitution. 

Perry Bennett / West Virginia Legislative Photography

The House Finance Committee will continue debating a bill Tuesday morning that would increase Division of Motor Vehicle fees and some taxes to help fund road maintenance and construction projects.

The House Finance Committee began debating Senate Bill 555 Monday afternoon, but after an hour of discussion, Chairman Eric Nelson moved to lay the bill over until Tuesday morning.

Perry Bennett / West Virginia Legislative Photography

Members of the House of Delegates have killed a bill that would have reduced the state’s consumer sales tax while removing exemptions for certain types of professional services.

Perry Bennett / West Virginia Legislative Photography

Lawmakers continue to move forward with legislation to balance this year’s budget, and three of those bills will be up for a vote in the House of Delegates on Monday.

Senate Bills 342, 357, and 360 are all aimed at balancing the 2016 budget.

Governor Tomblin’s budget officials say the state will end the fiscal year in June with a nearly $400 million budget gap and West Virginia lawmakers are constitutionally required to balance the budget each fiscal year.