General James Hoyer

The Legislature Today
7:07 pm
Mon January 13, 2014

Interview with Governor Tomblin kicks off The Legislature Today

The recent chemical spill and water crisis were the focus of The Legislature Today. Governor Earl Ray Tomblin and General James Hoyer discuss the current situation with Beth Vorhees. 

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Water Ban
5:24 pm
Mon January 13, 2014

West Virginia American Water Lifts Ban Zone-by-Zone

Credit Scott Finn / Twitter: @radiofinn

West Virginia American Water began the long-awaited flushing process yesterday afternoon for residents who have been without water since Thursday.

Residents in the nine counties began the flushing process using an interactive online map. The chemical leak has left residents without the use of water since Thursday. Residents have been instructed to follow a detailed process once their area is in the blue zone on a map at Jeff McIntyre is President of West Virginia American Water. He said it’s a three-step process.

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Federal Shut Down
5:53 pm
Tue October 8, 2013

Technicians returning to work, but National Guard still facing challenges

Adjutant General James Hoyer briefing the media in Charleston Tuesday about how the federal government shut down is continuing to affect the West Virginia National Guard.
Credit Ashton Marra

A majority of the furloughed West Virginia National Guard members and support staff are returning to work this week because of a movement in Congress to extend military pay to reserve members.

But the state’s top-ranking Guard official said a return to work doesn’t mean those members, and the overall safety of the state, won’t continue to be affected by the federal government shut down.

“The Guard in West Virginia will overcome obstacles and we’ll make things happen to take care of our people in this state, but we shouldn’t have to operate this way.”

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