The First 1000 Days

Producers Discuss Their Award Winning Documentaries

Aug 9, 2016
West Virginia Morning
West Virginia Public Broadcasting

On West Virginia Morning, forgive us for bragging but two West Virginia Public Broadcasting documentaries won regional Emmy Awards over the weekend.  We’ll hear from the producers of “Jay: A Rockefeller’s Journey” and “The First 1,000 Days.”

That’s on West Virginia Morning from West Virginia Public Broadcasting – telling West Virginia’s story.

Gov. Rockefeller at a WVU Football Game
The Rockefeller Family

Two WVPB documentaries took top prizes at the 52nd Annual Ohio Valley Regional Emmy Awards.

"Jay: A Rockefeller's Journey" won for best historical documentary, and "The First 1,000 Days: Investing in West Virginia's Children When It Counts" in the societal concerns category.

Chip Hitchcock / WVPB

The first 1,000 days of a child's life are the most important. Home visitors help parents make them count.

This week, the Front Porch podcast speaks with Michele Baranaskas, coordinator for Partners in Community Outreach. It's a coalition of several programs that send helpers into people's homes.

Energy Committees Now Have Major Legislative Status

Feb 2, 2015

At the legislature today, the senate re-visited West Virginia’s Medical Liability Act to add another health care position to the list of professions protected by a cap on malpractice awards.   We’ll meet the new chairs of the Energy Committees in both houses.  Once minor committees, these now have a new status at the legislature.  And we’ll give you a preview of tonight’s television documentary about children in poverty on The Legislature Today. 

McDowell native Sabrina Shrader is featured in the new West Virginia Public Broadcasting documentary, The First 1,000 Days: Investing In WV Children When It Counts. We first heard from Shrader when she shared her story in 2013 of how a program called Upward Bound provided resources that helped her to graduate from college after a difficult and abusive childhood. She was working as an Upward Bound Coordinator at Concord University. Things have changed since then.

The First 1,000 Days: Watch Now

Feb 2, 2015

The First 1,000 Days is a new TV documentary that explains the science and techniques that build healthy brain architecture during the first 3 years. You can watch 1,000 Days on demand through our website.

Producer John Nakashima sits down to discuss the making of The First 1,000 Days: Investing in WV Children When it Counts.

Infographic: A Journey Through Early Childhood

Feb 1, 2015
First 1000 Days Milestone Development Infographic
West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Every child learns and develops at their own pace; milestones provide a way for parents to track a child's development over the crucial first three years of life. Every day is a chance for learning and growth for both child and parents. Take a journey through the first 1000 days and learn how you can both grow and learn together. 

Infographic: A Snapshot of Childhood Poverty

Jan 30, 2015
An infographic looking at a snapshot of childhood poverty
West Virginia Public Broadcasting
Production still by Raelyn White.

Concord University is hosting a special screening of a documentary that explores the long-term educational challenges for children in low-income homes.

West Virginia Public Broadcasting's The First 1,000 Days: Investing In WV Children When It Counts will be shown on Thursday at 1 p.m. at the Athens campus. 

The hour-long documentary explores how poverty affects early childhood development and the challenges families face when the adults either have low-paying jobs or are unemployed.

Production still by Raelyn White.

In West Virginia, low income, unemployment and parent’s long work schedules are having a devastating impact on children under the age of three. It’s a period of children’s lives when parents and caregivers will have the greatest impact on a child’s ability to learn—the “developmental years.” The First 1,000 Days: Investing In WV Children When It Counts is new documentary that explores the multi-faceted and often misunderstood world of early child development.

Quick Look: Early Head Start

Dec 10, 2014

The best time to help children do well in life is during their first three years of life.   The First 1,000 Days:  Investing In WV Children When It Counts is a new documentary from WV Public Broadcasting that explores the impact of this time in a child's life. 

1,000 Days
West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Children's first three years, or roughly a thousand days, shape the rest of their lives.  It's the only time in their lives when their brains will develop so rapidly and be so moldable.  Between 80-85% of their brain architecture is formed, providing what they need later to do well in school, both cognitively and socially.