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WVPB Wins Multiple Awards At Virginias AP Broadcasters Competition

Eight people formally dressed stand side-by-side smiling and holding awards.
WVPB took home 11 awards from the Virginias AP Broadcasters Competition on Saturday, April 1, 2023. From left to right (back), Eric Douglas, Zack Harold, Trey Kay, (front) Chris Schulz, Caroline MacGregor, Teresa Wills, Jessica Lilly and Lauren Griffin.
West Virginia Public Broadcasting

West Virginia Public Broadcasting is proud to announce four first place awards and seven runner ups across nine categories for the 74th Annual Virginias Associated Press Broadcasters Awards. 

The first place awards include Best Documentary or In-Depth, Best Light Feature, Best Multi-Platform and Best Mountain State Heritage. 

WVPB has won first in Best Mountain State Heritage for the third year in a row. Stories from WVPB programs Inside Appalachia and Us & Them were finalists in two categories. 

These are all stories filed in 2022. 

WVPB awards include:

Best Radio News Anchor: Second Place, Teresa Wills, WVPB-FM, Charleston, WV, “Bridge Safety and A Discussion About the State’s Personal Income Tax on This West Virginia Morning.”

Best Podcast-Audio: Second Place, Trey Kay and Emily Haavik, WVPB-FM, Charleston, WV, “Court of Second Chances.”

Best Spot News: Second Place, Caroline MacGregor, WVPB-FM, Charleston, WV, “Airport Expansion’s Potential Impact on Coonskin Park Worries Local Residents.”

Best Documentary or In-Depth: First Place, Trey Kay and Marisa Helms, WVPB-FM, Charleston, WV, “The Gun Divide”; Second Place, Jessica Lilly, WVPB-FM, Charleston, WV, “West Virginia Water Trails: Rebuilding Buffalo Creek’s Identity.”

Best Light Feature: First Place, Mason Adams, WVPB-FM, Charleston, WV, “Floyd’s Friday Night Jamboree Builds Community from Music.”

Best QA (One-on-One) Interview: Second Place, Eric Douglas, WVPB-FM, Charleston, WV, “Arthur’ Author Appears at Book Festival.”

Best Specialty Reporting: Second Place, Chris Schulz, WVPB-FM, Charleston, WV, “Mon County Bans Pride Flags in Schools, Receives Pushback.”

Best Multi-Platform Story: First Place, Jessica Lilly, WVPB-FM, Charleston, WV, “West Virginia Water Trails: Rebuilding Buffalo Creek’s Identity.”

Best Mountain State Heritage: First Place, Zack Harold, WVPB-FM, Charleston, WV, “A Guitar Surgeon Gives Old Instruments Their Voices Back”; Second Place, Lauren Griffin, WVPB-FM, Charleston, WV, “Dirt, Soot, Smoke and Oil: Mechanics Take on the Dirty Job of Repairing Antique Trains.”

The Virginias AP Broadcasters competition pits WVPB against stations across West Virginia and Virginia. 

Four divisions compete in thirty categories. The divisions include Television I (Large Market), Television II (Small Market), Radio I (Metro) and Radio II (Non-Metro).