Joni Deutsch Published

West Virginia Indie Rockers Ona, 'A Change of Tune' Featured on NPR's Heavy Rotation


There’s no place like public radio when it comes to discovering new and emerging music. And there’s no better time than today to be a part of West Virginia’s budding music scene.

That’s why I was so excited to be a part of NPR’s Heavy Rotation to talk about my love for Ona, a Huntington band that has been on my radar for a while but will be on the world’s radar soon enough.

Check out my recap of the band’s first single, and make sure to keep up with my indie/alternative program “A Change of Tune” to hear more from Ona’s full-length debut:

While we were focusing on the biggest and brightest releases out of London, New York and Los Angeles, a little ol' band from little ol' Huntington, W.Va. has been able to craft a debut single that knocks all else out of the water. All Songs Considered fans recognized this, picking Ona's single "Ides of July" as one of their favorite musical discoveries of 2015 (so far) — and for good reason. It's an expansive piece from the five-piece band, an indie-rock/alt-folk symphony that seamlessly captures a sense of wanderlust. The band's self-proclaimed "What Would Neil Young Do?" work ethic certainly lays the foundation for the song's catchiness. So does brilliant production by American Minor guitarist turned West Virginia music magician Bud Carroll on this track from Ona's upcoming debut album, American Fiction. I have no doubt that the band will have even more brilliant rock orchestrations for our wanting ears.