Chad Matlick Published

Watch Alderson Broaddus vs. Fairmont State Football on the West Virginia Channel


The Alderson Broaddus football team will welcome 3-0 Fairmont State to town on Thursday, September 22. The game will air on the West Virginia Channel at 7 p.m.

The West Virginia Channel can be seen over the air on WNPB 24.2 Morgantown, WVPB 33.2 Huntington/Charleston and WSWP 9.2 Beckley.

On cable, you can find the West Virginia channel on Comcast Morgantown 699; Comcast Wheeling 708; Comcast Martinsburg 798; Comcast Huntington 785, 1034, 21.242; Comcast Fairmont Taylor/Marion counties 699; Suddenlink Charleston 5, Suddenlink Beckley/Princeton 90, 137, Time Warner Fairmont 303

“We are pleased and excited to have this opportunity to present this in-state football rivalry” said Craig Lanham, WVPB director of Television Programming. “The West Virginia Channel is devoted to locally produced and presented programming that focuses on the people and communities in our region. And we hope that can mean more opportunities to serve our student athletes, as well as their fans and parents, by presenting more of their competitions.”
“We recognize that student athletics build character, leadership and teamwork. Student athletics also bring students, parents and schools into the community experience, and we plan to make the West Virginia Channel a part of everyone’s community experience.”