Two Appalachian Summertime Stories


This week time travel back to your own childhood summer memories with the Appalachian storytellers.      


Storyteller Adam Booth takes us back to the dusty days of his child hood. He explains the fragile irony of life and irreplaceable memories he made with his own family. A humorous twist follows every challenge, just the way you might expect in your own life.

The Struggle to Stay  

This week we hear more from Kyra Soleil-Dawe, a 20-year-old aspiring theater director and playwright who lives in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. We continue Kyra’s story this week as we follow their lead into the first production by WSP. The dream of beginning a successful theater company from the ground up has become a reality for Kyra recently. Although they are learning quickly how hard it really may be to be an entrepreneur as well as a director in a place like West Virginia. At such a young age, Kyra is still establishing an identity in the art community, so in this episode Kyra explains how complicated, and rewarding, a new venture can be.

The Fiddle music in this show is from the archived field recordings at the Augusta Heritage Center, recorded in the 1990s by Gerry Milnes. Our Struggle to Stay music is provided by Marisa Anderson, Roxy Todd is our co-producer. Jesse Wright is our executive producer. Our audio mixer is Patrick Stephens. Claire Hemme helped with our digital correspondence. Suzanne Higgins edited our show this week.

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