Jessica Lilly Published

Q&A: Larry Groce Talks Hillbillies, Wishes, & the Making of 'Paradise Park: The Musical'


Theatre West Virginia in Raleigh County was founded as a way to preserve and share West Virginia’s unique culture. Some long running plays include “Honey in the Rock” and “Hatfields and McCoys.” This year, the organization added “Paradise Park The Musical” to the list.

“Paradise Park” the motion picture came out in 1991 and starred Larry Groce, the host and artistic director of Mountain Stage. The movie is now a musical theatrical play and Groce wrote all of the songs to the new production. Jessica Lilly recently spoke with him to find out more about the music in the play.

Listen to this interview to hear Larry Groce share some of his favorite songs from the play and talk about the connection to West Virginia culture.