Pulitzer Prize Winner Says Things Haven't Changed in Fishing Industry

Margie Mason

A West Virginia native and WVU journalism school graduate is part of the team that received the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service based on an international investigation of the fishing industry in Southeast Asia.

Over the course of 18 months, Margie Mason was among the journalists from The Associated Press who located men held in cages, tracked ships and stalked refrigerated trucks to expose the abusive practices of the seafood industry in that part of the world.

In a statement, The Associated Press said that the reporters’ dogged effort led to the release of more than 2,000 slaves and traced the seafood they caught to supermarkets and pet food providers across the United States.

Mason grew up in Daybrook in the western end of Monongalia County and graduated from West Virginia University.  She spoke to Beth Vorhees from her home in Jakarta, Indonesia, where she says the AP’s expose did nothing to change how the industry operates.

For the full interview listen below.