Jessica Lilly Published

Organization Looking at Ways to Improve Transportation in Fayette & Raleigh Counties


A group is working to create a transportation plan for Raleigh and Fayette Counties. The Metropolitan   Planning Organization, or MPO, is working to identify transportation investments needed to move the region forward.

The MPO office is federally and state funded but it’s made up of local governments, business leaders, and others. The group is responsible for long range transportation planning.

When the 2010 Census was published in 2012 is showed six towns across Route 19 in Fayette and Raleigh Counties had a population density of 50,000 or more. This makes the region “urbanized.” The municipalities included with this new designation include Fayetteville, Mt. Hope, Oak Hill, Sophia, Mabscott, and Beckley.

When an area is deemed ‘urbanized’ the federal government mandates the formation of an organization to come up with a transportation plan. As mandated by the federal government, the MPO is working to develop a 25‐year Regional Transportation Plan, which addresses travel by all modes, including streets and highways, bikeways and walkways, public transportation, aviation, rail and waterways.

Folks are encouraged to attend the second meeting to share ideas with leaders on what should be included in this plan.  The is Tuesday, September 30 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. at the Beckley City Hall Council Chambers in Beckley.

You can also share your ideas for the Fayette Raleigh County 25 year transportation plan online.