New Tax Reform Measures Moving Through Both House and Senate


On The Legislature Today, both the House and Senate are working on their own tax reform measures that rely on changes to the sales and personal income taxes. 

Senators voted to end the Greyhound Breeding Development Fund. The fund currently takes dollars made from table and video lottery games at racetrack casinos in Nitro and Wheeling. It returns that money to the greyhound racing industry to pay for breeding and winnings on bets.

The bill ending that fund takes $15 million in lottery funds and allows them to be appropriated elsewhere in the state budget.

Senate Bill 576 has taken several forms in the chamber and deals with leasing agreements in the oil and gas industry. Tom Huber, Vice President of the West Virginia Royalty Owner Association, and Anne Blankenship, executive director of the West Virginia Oil and Natural Gas Association, discuss the compromised version of the bill that will be up for a vote Tuesday.

Delegates voted on twelve pieces of legislation, including one that creates a central state vehicle inventory system. Liz McCormick reports the bill was the result of both an interim Legislative study and a request from Gov. Jim Justice.