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Justice Declares May ‘Older Americans Month’

An older woman and her adult daughter cook happily together in a modern looking kitchen.
May 2024 has been named Older Americans Month in West Virginia.
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In West Virginia, May 2024 has officially been recognized as Older Americans Month, following a proclamation from Gov. Jim Justice.

The designation aims to recognize “the contributions of our older citizens” and promote “programs and activities that foster connection, inclusion and support for older adults,” Justice said in the proclamation.

The idea for the month came from Kanawha Valley Senior Services (KVSS), a nonprofit based in Charleston, according to a Monday press release. 

KVSS offers a range of services including health resources like the Aged and Disabled Waiver program and an adult day center for individuals living with Alzheimer’s.

Justice wrote in the proclamation that it was important to recognize the contributions of older adults to American society, and to spread awareness about aging resources in West Virginia.

“Older Americans improve our communities through intergenerational relationships, community service, civic engagement and many other activities,” he wrote. “Through their wealth of life experience and wisdom, older adults guide our younger generations and carry forward abundant cultural and historical knowledge.”

Each county in West Virginia has its own senior service program. Visit the West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services website to find your local office.