Minority Leaders React to Income Tax Repeal Proposed in Senate


The Republican majority in the Senate is starting to reveal its plan to restructure the state’s tax code. A bill introduced in that chamber Thursday would repeal the state’s income and corporate net income taxes and replace them with a higher consumer sales tax and fewer exemptions.

Gov. Jim Justice has already released his proposal to balance the state budget on tax increases and a small amount of cuts.

Minority Leaders Tim Miley and Roman Prezioso discuss the budget proposals their party will support.

A national research group says the deficiencies, congestion, and lack of safety features on West Virginia’s roadways are costing drivers more than a billion dollars each year.

Although the budget is lawmakers’ top priority, members of both the House and Senate are continuing to work on other pieces of legislation as well. In the House, Liz McCormick reports on bills to strengthen criminal penalties and create more transparency in the election process.

And we meet Dennis Loudermilk, the West Virginia Legislature’s web engineer. His hobby in woodworking has gotten the attention of some of the top legislative leaders at the statehouse over the past ten years, giving him the opportunity to create several pieces of history.