Ashton Marra Published

Majority Leaders Talk Governor's New Budget Plan


On The Legislature Today, Sen. Ryan Ferns and Del. Daryl Cowles react the governor’s new plans to balance the 2018 budget. 

Justice’s proposal includes increased taxes on soda and cigarettes, along with a smaller hike to the consumer sales tax, but is contingent on lawmakers finding additional cuts. 

Both Majority Leaders believe the plan still places the burden too squarely on the backs of West Virginians and they want to see a reduction in the size of government.

Members of the House voted to advance a bill that cuts the West Virginia Women’s Commission $150,000 budget. A group of Republican women backed the bill. 

Today was civil rights lobbying day at the statehouse, a lobbying event that included organizations like the NAACP, West Virginia Free and Fairness West Virginia– all groups that work to end discrimination in the state. The groups are backing several pieces of legislation this year, but one bill in particular, one that’s been tried and has failed in the past, is receiving bipartisan support.