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LISTEN: Behind The First 1,000 Days: Q&A with Producer John Nakashima

First 1,000 Days

Producer John Nakashima sits down to discuss the making of The First 1,000 Days: Investing in WV Children When it Counts.

In West Virginia, one in every three kids lives in poverty. It’s an extremely concerning problem, especially in light of research that demonstrates how poverty can effect brain development in kids—the Future of our state.

This is the subject of a new documentary West Virginia Public Broadcasting has produced called The First Thousand Days: Investing in West Virginia Kids When It Counts. Award-winning producer John Nakashima gets all of the experts to weigh in on the problem of child poverty in West Virginia, and what he discovered and has documented, is an overwhelming need of services and support for the very youngest and most vulnerable among us. Glynis Board sat down with John Nakashima to learn more about what he gleaned from making The First 1,000 Days