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LISTEN: A Mead Across the Globe


“I’m home again.” That was a declaration by world-renowned Euphonium player, Steven Mead, following his 5-week journey across the world. Mead found himself performing in several different countries this summer including the Netherlands, Italy, Lithuania, South Korea, and China.

Mead does all his own booking, and joked, “As my wife says, ‘if someone else was organizing it, they wouldn’t make a schedule like that.'”

During the tour, he teamed up with all sorts of musicians including his wife Misa Mead and the brass ensemble, Palencia, from Spain. He also participated in many festivals including adjudicating the World Music Competition (sort of like the Olympic Games of music) in the Netherlands and directing the Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival; and, he performed in a broadcast for all of Qingdao, China. 


Steven Mead and Misa Mead performing on Euphonium for a TV show for Qingdao, China.

Along the way, Mead also experienced many cultures, met a plethora of new people, ate a variety of delicious foods, performed in a cave and even on a moving cable car. He even tricked his airlines into thinking he was bringing a cello along in the largest box available. 


Steven Mead’s “Cello” in the largest box he could possibly find.

After all that, Mead tells us that when he finally got home he, “fell inside [his] front door…literally,” because he was so exhausted. He reflects, though, “It’s a small price to pay, really, for those experiences,” and that he  “loved every minute of it.” Now, Mead is relaxing and practicing Euphonium at home before he goes on the road once again. 

Check out or extensive interview with Euphonium extraordinaire, Steven Mead… 


Celebrating the end of warm-ups in Trakai, Lithuania.

If you like Steven Mead’s playing, you can find more at his website