Matt Jackfert Published

Lindsey Goodman Debuts First Solo Album


 This Wednesday, Lindsey Goodman, principal flutist with the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra joined us live in studio to discuss her recently-released debut solo album Reach through the Sky. On the album, Goodman not only plays soprano flute and alto flute, but she also sings mezzo-soprano on a number of songs. All of the composers on the album are living American composers, because as Goodman jokes, “Beethoven never returns my calls.” 

Joining Goodman on the album is her trio, ASS3MBLY which also includes Scott Christian on percussion and Anne Waltner on Piano. Robert Frankenberry sings tenor and plays piano on “Chrysalis”. Electronics accompany Goodman on “Penelope’s Song” by Judith Shatin, while production effects add the magic on pieces like the “Road to Hana” by Rob Deemer and Grant Cooper’s “Other Voices”. 

The album is produced by New Dynamic Records and can be found on CD Baby, and will soon be available on iTunes. Listen to the interview to hear a behind the scences look at the pieces and recording process as well as live performances by Goodman.