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Larry Groce: How a Junk Food Junkie Became a Mouseketeer


Since this week’s A Change of Tune is dedicated to indie/alternative takes on Disney music, it would only make sense to chat with West Virginia Public Radio’s very own Mouseketeer, Larry Groce. His contributions to records like Disney’s Children’s Favorite Songs ​and Disney’s Christmas Favorites were understated (you’ll never see his smiling, bearded face on a record cover) but impactful (millennials know how “Froggie Went A-Courtin’,” thanks to Larry). If you’re a fan of childhood nostalgia and want to learn more about Larry’s past with Disney, particularly his “Disney spirit animal,” this interview is recommended for you.


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Hear indie/alternative takes on Disney music this Saturday on A Change of Tune.

If you’re interested in reliving your Larry Groce childhood memories, you can find Disney’s Children’s Favorite Songs and the like on iTunes and Amazon. You can also catch Larry and the Mountain Stage band live and over radio airwaves. To hear more of Larry’s Disney music, tune in to Joni Deutsch’s indie/alternative Disney edition of A Change of Tune this Saturday at 10 PM EST on West Virginia Public Radio.