Jack Walker Published

Justice Proposes $50 Million Budget For Affordable Housing

Workers on ladders putting siding on a house.
Gov. Jim Justice proposed a $50 million budget to construct multi- and single-unit houses across West Virginia.
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A budget proposal from Gov. Jim Justice aims to ensure that workers and their families can find affordable housing.

Announced Thursday, Justice’s proposal would provide $50 million of state surplus funds for the construction of single and multi-unit houses across West Virginia.

“We’re constantly wanting people to come to West Virginia,” Justice said.

By expanding affordable housing options, Justice hopes to make moving to the state easier. “We need to devote ourselves to trying to stimulate and bring more and more and more folks,” he said.

Rising rental costs and persistent economic depression has placed stress on housing markets across West Virginia. In recent years, millions of dollars in federal funding has aimed to improve the state’s affordable housing options.

Erica Boggess, executive director of the West Virginia Housing Development Fund, said Thursday that the added funding would mark an important step toward bolstering housing accessibility in the state.

“We’re very pleased and excited that the governor has proposed this funding to help with this important initiative,” she said.

With additional funding from the state, housing officials are hopeful for more accessible options ahead. “Housing is truly a component of economic development, and it’s the foundation that makes our communities thrive,” Boggess said.