Affordable Housing

Chair Caning And A Housing Fight, Inside Appalachia

This week, we visit the Seeing Hand Association. They bring together people who are visually impaired to learn the craft of chair caning. Also, corporate greed has been gobbling up newspapers for years. Now, some of those same companies are taking a bite out of mobile home parks. They’re raising rents and letting repairs slide. And, as the Mountain Valley Pipeline nears completion, people who live near it say government officials are ignoring their concerns about pollution.

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HUD Sends $12.3 Million For W.Va. Affordable Housing

The U.S. Senate allocated more than $12.3 million to affordable housing projects in West Virginia, taking part in an effort to support individuals experiencing homelessness across the state.

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Justice Proposes $50 Million Budget For Affordable Housing

Announced Thursday, Justice’s proposal would provide $50 million of state surplus funds for the construction of single and multi-unit houses across West Virginia.

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How Labor Shortages Affect Housing And Us & Them Takes Us To East Palestine, This West Virginia Morning   

On this West Virginia Morning, West Virginians have struggled to find affordable housing for years. The pandemic made things worse as demand increased. A lack of available housing inventory – or land on which to build – is exacerbated by a shortage of laborers and skilled tradesmen to build the houses.

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