Inside Appalachian Storytelling: What is Your Struggle to Stay Story?


Here in Appalachia, thousands of young people are leaving each year, moving from their hometowns to find opportunities elsewhere.  In this episode, you will hear part of Colt Brogan’s Struggle to Stay in Appalachia.

It’s part of a series on Inside Appalachia called, “The Struggle to Stay.” This decision is different for each of us. While academic studies might provide a generalized view, the complexities are found in the individual journey as we try to find a place where we belong. 

The Struggle to Stay

We’ll hear the conclusion to Colt’s Struggle to Stay story next week on Inside Appalachia. But the Struggle to Stay series continues. Over the next few months we’ll meet five Appalachians  as they struggle with the question, do I stay or do I go? You can listen to those stories by subscribing to the Inside Appalachia podcast.

Have you ever considered leaving home, or wondered what your life would be like if you left Appalachia? Maybe you, like many Appalachians, have left. Perhaps you returned. We’ve heard a number of your stories on social media these last few weeks, and we hope to hear from more of you. Tell us about your struggle to stay in Appalachia. You can send us a tweet to @InAppalachia or send us an email to

International Storytelling Festival

Also in this episode, you will hear three storytellers from the West Virginia Storyteller’s Guild. Listen to hear two stories from Suzi Whaples, who hails from Dunbar, West Virginia.

You can also hear award winning storyteller and Appalachian “Funny Guy” Bill Lepp, tell a tall tale about first loves and flaming bicycles. Bil lives in Charleston, West Virginia.

And we’ll hear from Adam Booth, a native of Calhoun County who now lives in Shepherdstown. 

Live Events and Storytelling Festivals:

Music in this episode was provided by Marisa Anderson, Dinosaur Burps, Andy Agnew Jr., and Ben Townsend.