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Fall Herb Festival at Jackson's Mill


It’s fall, and for most gardeners it’s time to finish harvesting plants and begin preparing beds for the approaching frosts. For those who grow garlic, this is the time to plant bulbs. It’s also time to learn what you can do with some of the herbs you may have grown this year.

The Fall Herb Festival at Jackson’s Mill begins Friday. Twenty-seven teachers will conduct workshops about making herbal honey, growing edible gardens, and making simple cleaning and skin care products. There will be a workshop, taught by a massage therapist, about doing herbal facials.

Melissa Dennison is the president of the WV Herb Association and is organizing the festival. She says one of the new teachers this year is Victor Skaggs, of Marion County.

“He’s going to teach us how to develop your own kitchen garden, of the herbs that you use in your cooking,” Dennison said.


Credit W.Va Herb Association
Lobelia flowers

And if you’re new to cooking with herbs, there will be workshops for this too. “We really want to educate the public so they have some kind of awareness, and it’s very affordable.”

The festival is all open to the public, and costs $15 per day, or $20 for the entire festival. For members in the W.Va. Herb Association, the festival is $5.

The two day event begins Friday. That evening, Mimi Hernandez of Frostburg University will be the keynote speaker. She will be speaking about medicinal and edible plants of Appalachia.

For more information about registering for the Fall Herb Festival, click here or call Melissa Dennison, (304) 364-5589.