Jessica Lilly Published

Concord University Gives Out Most 'Free Money' to Students in W.Va., Report Finds

Concord University's Marsh Hall Bell Tower.

A recent report ranks one university in West Virginia among the top 50 public colleges where undergrads receive the most scholarship aid.

According to a study released by The Student Loan Report, a limited liability private company, Concord is ranked 49th out of 250 public college of universities.

Concord placed much higher than the four other West Virginia institutions of higher learning named in this report. Marshal ranked 139, Glenville State 228 and Bluefield State ranked 231. 

Student loan debt is the second leading form of debt in the United States. Across the country, Americans owe $1.4 trillion for their education.

West Virginia ranks dead last, or 51st, in the country for the percentage of students who default on student loans. The rate of West Virginia students defaulting on student loans is higher than any other state. 

For borrowers entering repayment in 2014, the national average default rate on federal student loans was about 11 percent. West Virginia’s was about 18 percent.