A Breakdown of Trauma Informed Care


Assistant News Director Glynis Board leads a discussion on the impacts and trauma the opioid epidemic has inflicted on West Virginia’s youth, and host Suzanne Higgins chats with Senior Statehouse Reporter Dave Mistich for an update on some of the day’s major stories.

It was the “Year of the Child Day” at the Capitol. Teachers, students and child advocates met with lawmakers to outline their needs in schools to better protect children who may come face-to-face with the opioid crisis. 

Reporter Randy Yohe brings us a story on the “Year of the Child” event at the Capitol.

Assistant News Director Glynis Board chats with Felicia Bush, founder and CEO of the nonprofit Harmony Mental Health and founding member of Handle with Care. Here are highlights from the interview:

  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Increased mental health support in the classroom
  • How trauma affects a child’s ability to learn
  • Need for increased access to counselors in schools
  • Support from the West Virginia Legislature