2024 PBS Kids Writers Contest Winners

Congratulations to our 2024 PBS Kids Writers Contest winners! Explore their stories below.

Fifth Grade

1st place: The Sheriff That Changed by Mia Hutchison
2nd place: From My Backyard to Mars by Harper Russell
3rd place: The Dancer’s Promise by Lillian Swearingen

Fourth Grade

1st place: One in a Million by Ivy Ware
2nd place: The Island’s Prophecy by Lucy Lacocque
3rd place: Pickle Pete by Lilly Ann Stubbs

Third Grade

1st place: Protest for Pluto by Hazel Williams
2nd place: Parents Just Don’t Understand by Elise Silber
3rd place: From Triplets to Twins by Lauren Blake Bledsoe

Second Grade

1st place: The Magic Corgi by Avonlea Cooper
2nd place: Detective Casie and the Find of the Unicorn Fossil by Francesca Briar Shangler
3rd place: Rainbow Ducky by Kensi Thomas

First Grade

1st place: The Boy and the Time Machine by Elias Cooper
2nd place: The Hungry Tree by Rowan Bailey
3rd place: Mittens and Cocoa by Helina Goodwin


1st place: The Magic by Hazel Hagler
2nd place: What Do You Do? by Ava Redden
3rd place: Ballet is Magical and I Love It by Angeline Vittek