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West Virginia Racing Commission Pays Big Bucks for Appeals

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The West Virginia Racing Commission says appeals hearings for small fines against racetrack personnel are costing the commission thousands of dollars apiece.

The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports racing commissioners discussed Tuesday that each appeal of track judges’ or stewards’ fines for minor infractions requires the commission to retain a hearing examiner, a court reporter, to pay for travel costs, and often the cost of the out-of-town meeting space to hold the hearing.

The commission also has to pay $140 an hour for Deputy Attorney General Kelli Talbott to represent the commission at hearings.

In one case that commissioners discussed, a trainer at Charles Town Raves was fined $500 for an altercation at the track. Costs for his appeal hearing topped $15,000.

Joe Moore, the commission’s executive director, called some of the appeals “frivolous.”