Dave Mistich Published

West Virginia Opens Training For Medical Cannabis Owners, Employees


Those working in West Virginia’s medical cannabis industry will need to undergo two hours of online training. The training is the latest step toward getting the state’s years-delayed program operational.

The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources’ Office of Medical Cannabis announced Tuesday that the online training is now available.

All owners and employees engaged in the growing, processing or distribution of medical cannabis must complete the two-hour online course approved by the office.

“Industry training is an essential step in making medical cannabis products available to West Virginians with serious medical conditions,” said Jason Frame, director of the Office of Medical Cannabis, in a news release. “We continue to work toward the goal of providing eligible state residents with the ability to safely access medical cannabis as quickly as possible.”

Course participants will be educated regarding West Virginia medical cannabis law, rules and policies, as well as a variety of other subjects related to the industry. Successful completion requires participants to pass each training section with a rate of 80 percent.

The training is being offered by Green Flower, a Ventura, California-based company. The cost is $147 per employee.

The state’s medical cannabis law was passed in 2017, but has suffered some delays due to existing federal law. It allows for residents with qualifying medical conditions to make use of some non-smokable forms of the drug.