Dave Mistich Published

West Virginia Lawmaker 'Appalled' at Trump's Use of Curse Word at North Carolina Rally

West Virginia state Sen. Paul Hardesty, D-Logan, speaks on the floor on June 1, 2019.

While much of the country remains focused on the ongoing controversy surrounding President Donald Trump’s racist remarks targeting four Democratic congresswomen, a West Virginia state Senator is taking issue with other words from the president, which came at an event in North Carolina. 

In an open letter, Sen. Paul Hardesty of Logan County says he is “appalled” at Trump’s choice of words at a Wednesday rally in Greenville, North Carolina. 

Hardesty says Trump took the Lord’s name in vain by using a common curse word on two occasions during a speech at a campaign-style event. 

Hardesty, a Democrat who was appointed to the 7th Senatorial District in January, says he was a Trump supporter in 2016 and continues to back the Republican president because of his support for the coal industry.

However, Hardesty says the use of the curse word is “not presidential.” He asked Trump to examine himself, reflect on his comments and “never utter those words again.”