Glynis Board Published

West Virginia First Grader Needs a Break, So She Asked Her Senator


“All we do is work, work, work.”

That’s the message from Sophia Mullins, first grader at Gauley River Grade School. She wrote to Senator Joe Manchin asking him for help:

Dear Sir,   My name is Sophia Mullins. I live in Craigsville, West Virginia. I am in the first grade at Gauley River Grade School. All we do is work, work, work. I need a break. Can you please help?   Thanks, Sophia

Manchin fielded a call to Miss Sophia while she was at school to encourage her  and all her friends to continue to work hard in school. The senator told the first grader receiving a good education is the best way for all young students to succeed when they grow up.

Here’s video from Sen. Manchin’s office of he and Sophia speaking with one another on the phone: