W.Va. Governor Prepares for Winter Storm


Governor Tomblin has issued a statewide State of Preparedness, mobilizing state resources to help keep West Virginians safe during the severe winter weather predicted to be part of this storm. 

Many counties across the state are already seeing snowfall, and large amounts of snow are being predicted across the state Friday and Saturday so the governor issued a State of Preparedness to mobilize state resources, including the West Virginia National Guard, to address heavy snowfall, high winds and other winter weather forecasted this week.

Tomblin also noted this storm may leave neighborhoods without power and other utilities, and service providers are ready to address outages and other issues as they arise. He encourages residents to think about the items families may need to stay safe for at least 48 hours, including food, water, medications, flashlights, batteries and fuel for generators.

West Virginians needing assistance should contact their local emergency management office.  It’s a good idea to have that phone number at hand.