Roxy Todd Published

W.Va. Council of Churches Condemns Hate Speech, Shootings in El Paso, Dayton


A religious organization in West Virginia has issued a statement, condemning recent shootings in El Paso and Dayton, and other hate speech invoking violence against immigrants. 

The West Virginia Council of Churches released a press release Friday, calling on lawmakers to fund efforts to understand the root causes of gun violence, white supremacy, and hate crimes against immigrants. The Council also urged foundations to assist in these efforts to curb the tide against hate and violence, and asks people in power to refrain from hateful remarks against those of other faiths.

The shooter who killed 22 people in El Paso earlier this month admitted to targeting Mexicans. Some politicians have blamed President Donald Trump’s rhetoric for spurring the violence.

Trump has called the shooting an act of “cowardice.”

The West Virginia Council of Churches does not name Trump or any other political leaders by name in its press release. The group said it plans to establish a commission to address, combat and educate community members about white supremacy in West Virginia.