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U.S. Attorney Launches Hotline For Information On Federal Prison

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Key challenges are funding and expanding community treatment programs while balancing concerns for public safety.
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A hotline has been set up to gather more information about abuses at a federal prison in Preston County. 

The U.S. Attorney’s Office is seeking information from witnesses or victims of physical assault while incarcerated at Federal Correctional Complex Hazelton. 

William Ihlenfeld, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of West Virginia, said that for the past several years, his office has received allegations of and investigated civil rights incidents at Hazelton. 

“We are interested in learning what correction officers know or former inmates know or members of the public know about incidents that have occurred at Hazleton, and we want those people who have information to know how they can get that information to us and we wanted to make it as simple as possible,” he said.

Ihlenfeld said his office’s goal is to enforce federal law, and the number and types of incidents coming out of Hazelton demands that more be done. 

“Sometimes through enforcing federal law, we identify ways that a particular facility can be improved,“ he said. “For anyone that might be at FCC Hazleton, or a comparable complex, we’re not an entity that is set up to make those kinds of systematic changes within an institution. We’re not the Bureau of Prisons. However, if we identify something that is a problem that, if addressed, could improve the conditions within a facility, we will certainly share that information at the appropriate time.”

The hotline number is 1-855-WVA-FEDS (982-3337). Complaints and tips can also be sent to