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Trey Gunn: In Rare Company


“Trey Gunn is a beast.” ~ Robert Fripp

What an interconnected world we live in. When I saw that Trey Gunn, a well-known figure in progressive music circles, had a new album, I reached out via his website. Fully expecting a publicist’s reply, Trey himself cheerfully agreed to a chat about his new work.

Who is Trey Gunn?

Gunn’s membership alone in King Crimson should inform you of his musical pedigree. He and others like Markus Reuter are raising the bar, redefining contemporary music and creating a performance practice for “touch guitars.” Besides, look at that Warr guitar (pictured above) and ask yourself how many of us could play, let alone make worthwhile or substantial music with that stringed mammoth. That alone puts him in rare company.

Gunn’s new album is The Waters, They Are Rising. There’s one cover, Bob Dylan’s Not Dark Yet, done with tasteful electronics (sung by the sultry Dylan Nichole Bandy) and the rest of the album are originals – some of which are live performances. Overall, it’s a thoughtful, without being ponderous, electronic landscape without the usual textural density.

"I try to be in rare company or otherwise you could go elsewhere and get what I do. The style of playing (Warr guitar) and the music both go together."

Trey and I had an informative conversation about his musical journey, working with Robert Fripp and David Sylvian, playing touch style instruments such as the Warr Guitar and his new album.

I knew before interviewing Trey that he is a great player, but his humble and thoughtful nature certainly came through.

Trey Gunn interview:

Part Two

Music used:

Trey Gunn: Dziban, Hard Winds Redux

Robert Fripp and the League of Crafty Guitarists: Eye of the Needle, Guitar Craft Theme I: Invocation

David Sylvian/ Robert Fripp – God’s MonkeyDamage

King Crimson – sex sleep eat drink dream

Trey Gunn – Not Dark Yet, The Seven Who Were Saved