Briana Heaney Published

Tourism Department Released First Fall Foliage Report

Fall colors cover the rolling hills of West Virgnia under a clear sunny

The West Virginia Department of Tourism released its first fall foliage report Wednesday. It outlines what to expect for this year’s fall colors.

The reports are produced in partnership with the state Division of Forestry. 

Jeremy C. Jones, state forester, said the changing colors are in full swing at higher elevation areas in the state. Lower areas are just beginning to see the change.

“What kicks the trees into gear to start with is the shorter days,” he said. 

Jones said different elements like temperature and precipitation go into an especially vibrant season. He said all those factors are lining up this year. 

“We are fortunate here to have a very diverse hardwood forest in West Virginia,” Jones said. “I think this year is going to be really vibrant. And you know, I encourage everyone to get out and, in our woods and enjoy the view.”

The Tourism Department and the Division of Forestry will also be recommending drives and hikes each week in areas where the fall colors are peaking. 

“Where there is really nice color, we will provide recommended routes and things like that for folks to get out and enjoy the colors,” Jones said.