Thousands Of Elderly West Virginians Face Hunger, Isolation


As the senior population grows in West Virginia, more of the state’s elderly are living alone, with disability, and facing hunger. We focus on the cost of addressing these needs – and not addressing these needs. We also hear the latest updates from the West Virginia Legislature.

Host Suzanne Higgins is joined by senior reporter Dave Mistich and reporter Emily Allen for updates on legislative action. 

Higgins also speaks with William Carpenter, President of the West Virginia Directors of Senior and Community Services, about the variety of needs for West Virginia’s elderly population. Carpenter is also the director of the senior center in Lincoln County.

It was Home Schoolers Day at the Capitol. It’s estimated that 10,000 students are home schooled in West Virginia. As Randy Yohe reports, visitors said they want to end stigmas, change laws, and showcase student success.

Tomorrow on the Legislature Today, we’ll discuss the changing nature of the work of first responders on the front line of the drug crisis. We’ll review related legislation and also have updates on the latest news from the Capitol.