Ashton Marra Published

Telemedicine Bill Restricting Abortion Practices Approved in Senate


Senators have approved a House bill that clarifies the state’s telemedicine laws, but also creates a new restriction for certain treatments.

House Bill 2509 makes it clear that doctors can treat certain diseases in minors or adults who are still enrolled in public school. 

Those diseases include psychiatric disorders, attention deficit disorder, and intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“That was apparently something that had been going on before we passed the bill last year,” senate Judiciary Chair Charles Trump said Tuesday, “and our bill threw the continuation of some of those programs into jeopardy, so this will fix that.”

The bill, however, was also amended in the Senate to exclude another healthcare practice.

“It says a physician or healthcare provider may not prescribe any drug with the intent of causing an abortion,” Trump explained to his fellow Senators during a floor sesison.

The two step abortion pill is becoming a more common way to end pregnancies in the first ten weeks.

The bill was approved on a 34 to zero vote.